• This Year sees the end of Grandfather rights!

    In less than one year on the 26 November 2015, it will become a legal requirement for everyone applying plant protection products (PPP) authorised for professional use to have a certificate of competence. It will also be an offence for anyone to purchase PPPs authorised for professional use unless  the intended end user has a certificate.

    The exemption for 'grandfather rights' will no longer apply. Will you be ready? 



    A Year to go!
  • Welcome

    The VI is an industry-led programme established in 2001 that promotes responsible pesticide use.

    Key elements of the VI are the National Register of Sprayer Operators (NRoSO), the National Sprayer Testing Scheme (NSTS) and the Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPMP) replacing the Crop Protection Management Plan (CPMP) 

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  • Help protect Oilseed Rape Herbicides

    As the season for grass weed control in oilseed rape gets under way, farmers and sprayer operators are urged to take extra care to keep vital herbicides out of watercourses.

    With an ever shrinking armoury of defence to fight pernicious grass weeds, such as blackgrass, it is vital that sprayer operators pay special attention to preserving the future of products such as carbetamide and propyzamide.



    Care this autumn will help protect Oilseed Rape Herbicides
  • Watch Out for Illegal Pesticides

    A new campaign alerting farmers and advisers to the risks of illegal pesticides, what to look out  for and how to report suspicious products

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    Watch Out
  • IPMP

    The new Integrated Pest Management Plan is now available

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